(316402) 1.00ctw Raspberry Rhodolite Garnet Stone Loose Parcel

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    Rhodolite garnet is a raspberry-red, purplish-red or colored garnet. It is a mix of pyrope and almandine in composition. Rhodolite garnet gets its name from the Greek word, "rhodon", meaning "rose colored", which refers to its pinkish hue. The ancient Romans also wore garnet rings and traded garnet gemstones. The best rhodolite garnet gemstones are a vivid raspberry-red color. Rhodolite garnet deposits occur in Brazil, Burma (Myanmar), China, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), South Africa, Tanzania, the USA and Zimbabwe. The composition of rhodolite garnet is a mixture of pyrope and almandine garnet, so it is closely related to both. Rhodolite garnet is also related to the garnet family, such as andradoid garnets (melanite, demantoid and topazolite), spessartite garnets, grossularite garnets (hydrogrossular, hessonite, leuco garnet and tsavorite) and uvarovite. Rhodolite garnet can also appear similar to ruby, spinel and tourmaline.

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